European Bunker Day

Be part of a pan-European event: organise European Bunker Day with us! 

Logo European Bunkerday- Do you represent an Atlantic Wall site or any organisation interested in making this European WWII heritage and culture relevant ? Start with reading the QUICK GUIDE underneath. After this, you can consult the more extensive document guide, and download the obligatory visuals / logos to use in all your communication.

- Are you interested in visiting European Bunker Day in your country? Check out here the dates in each country and the link to the national programmes. 

European Bunker Day is the central event of the European cultural project 'Atlantikwall Europe', and the main platform for the communication and actions about this ‘difficult’ heritage that the Atlantic Wall is. 
All Atlantic Wall countries participate under the name of Bunker Day in European Bunker Day. The power of Bunker Day is that all communication and marketing efforts can be directed on a national level at one day for all participants. They become part of a European event with a corresponding look and feel, thus attracting more public that they normally would. On top of that, they become a partner of AWE and thus a member of a European-wide network of Atlantic Wall sites and organizations, with access to information and knowledge, and the possibility to participate in future activities of AWE.

For the public, Bunker Day is an opportunity to visit as many sites as one might with one ticket, and experience the heritage and the activities organized by the participants. At the same time visitors can enjoy the coastal landscape and the sea, or places/sites they never thought to be visiting because they normally are not accessible or open to the public. Bunker Day is adventurous, surprising and thrilling!

The first European Bunker Day started in 2018 in three countries, but it will expand towards all AWE partners by 2019 and 2020. European Bunker Day will become a European-wide happening and will combine the opening of Atlantic Wall sites as part of a network, with actions on societal relevant issues and/or art representations.

Besides the opening of the memorial sites and museums, supported by common communication material, logo’s, website and banners, each site is invited to combine its European Bunker Day action with a (cultural) action in order to underline the relevance of its heritage, like guided tours, walks, theatre, music, exhibitions, lectures, performances, re-enactment, conferences.

European Bunker Days

Each European country has its own Bunker Day. The 2019 schedule is:

European Bunker Day contact points

European Bunker Day Quick Guide and Handbook

A quick guide for Bunker Day participants and national contact points:

Download the quick guide

An extensive guide for the organisation of a Bunker Day in your country with Atlantikwall Europe:

Download the European Bunker Day Handbook

European Bunker Day Visual Identity Guide 

Download the visual identity guide

Logos and templates

Go to the download section of this website to download the logos and templates for leaflets, programme guides, posters and other European Bunker Day products from the above mentioned visual identity guides.

European European Bunker Day FAQ

Why would I participate with my Atlantikwall site to the European Bunker Day?

What will be my role as Atlantikwall Heritage site?

How is European Bunker Day organized?