On this page you can find the logos to be used during European Bunker Day. Please refer to the European Bunker Day Corporate Identity Guide (download, 9 MB) for more information about the use of the logos.


European Bunker Day

Bunker Day (EN) - ZIP file, 9 MB
Bunkertag (DE) - Zip file, 9 MB
Journées du Mur de l’Atlantique (FR) - ZIP file, 9 MB
Bunkerdag (NL) - ZIP-file, 9 MB

Atlantikwall Europe

Atlantikwall Europe logo - zipped Ai file, 1.5 MB

Creative Europe logo

Creative Europe logo - zipped EPS file, 600 kB

European Year of Cultural Heritage logo

Differents versions of the EYCH logo - ZIP file, 5 MB


Fonts (ZIP file, 0,5 MB)

Website banner (zipped InDesign files, 17 MB)

Programme leaflet (zipped InDesign files, 5 MB)

Programme booklet (zipped InDesign files, 23 MB)

Information board (zipped InDesign files, 9 MB)

Poster (zipped InDesign files, 5 MB)

Placard and thank you card (zipped InDesign files, 5.5 MB)

Flyer (zipped InDesign files, 5 MB)

Direction signs (zipped InDesign files, 9.5 MB)