Why participate to the European Bunker Day?

All Atlantic Wall sites can participate in the common Atlantikwall Europe organization that is European Bunker Day. The power of European Bunker Day is that all communication and marketing efforts will be coordinated on a national level. In each country there will thus be a national ‘Bunker Day’ that is part of the European Bunker Day event. 

This is marked by corresponding guidelines and a look and feel, thus attracting more public that they normally would. On top of that, they become a partner of AWE and thus a member of a European-wide network of Atlantic Wall sites and organizations, with access to information and knowledge, and the possibility to participate in future activities of AWE.

Per country, and through the national coordinators (the Atlantikwall Europe project original members, one per country), the date (at least a common date per country) is decided. The national coordinators also are responsible for the passing of information on the organization and the communication aspects of their national Bunker Days to all participants in their country.