Workshop 'Art and the Atlantic Wall'

One of the aims of Atlantikwall Europe is to clarify the relevance of the common heritage of the Atlantic Wall in relation to contemporary issues of peace and freedom. For this reason, a workshop was held on 16 October 2019 in Sluis in the Netherlands in Zeeland, dedicated to the question of the extent to which art is able to give new meanings to the emotionally charged heritage of the Atlantic Wall in order to encourage the public to reflect.

Bunker Art

In the morning part, several (Belgian) artists explained their often very diverse bunker art projects and made it clear that artistic interventions enable a completely new view of emotionally charged heritage. Bunkers thus become carriers of new meanings. The discussions during the afternoon sessions made it clear that engaging in a dialogue with the public is essential in bunker art projects. The loaded heritage evokes various emotions that can unintentionally strongly influence the perception of the artistic expression. The final conclusion was that, under the right conditions, art offers opportunities to assign new meaning to the heritage of the Atlantic Wall and thus increase its relevance.

For Freedom Museum and Groede Podium

Prior to the workshop, the AWE steering committee visited the private museum For Freedom in Knokke-Ramskapelle (Belgium) and Sluis-Groede Podium on 15 October as part of the introduction to AWE network partners. For Freedfom is almost entirely dedicated to the Canadian liberators of the so-called 'Breskens pocket' in 1944. Groede Podium is an Atlantic Wall location where a coastal battery was located. The location is operated as an activity center with temporary exhibitions and as a bunker park (