European Bunker Day Guernsey and Alderney

June 1st

On Guernsey during European Bunker Day Batterie Scharnhorst can be visited. On Alderney Bunker Day has been chosen fo the Grand Opening of the PaK bunker.


Open day at Batterie Scharnhorst from 2.00pm – 5.00pm.
An opportunity to visit one of the best preserved army coastal artillery batteries sites on the island. Turn off the Route Des Paysans, go past the Venture Garage and follow the signs.


On Alderney, ‘Bunker Day’ has been chosen for the Grand Opening of the PaK bunker, located opposite the Braye Beach Hotel by Douglas Quay at the harbour. This bunker, has been the focus of the latest heritage/clearance project led by Visit Alderney with  great support from the States Works Department, Alderney Society (AS) and Alderney Wildlife Trust (AWT).

The event will include:

  • Grand Opening of the Bunker, ribbon cutting at 10am
  • Old photographs display
  • Dr Trevor Davenport, local WWII expert to answer any fortification questions
  • Refreshments

From 10am until 12noon, at the PaK Bunker.

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