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Bunker Day Norway

The Bunker Day Norway s is postponed until further notice due to the Corona-crisis.

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Bunker Day Belgium

The Bunker Day Belgium is postponed until further notice due to the Corona-crisis.

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Bunkerday Netherlands

Due to the coronacrisis European Bunker Day is postponed until further notice.

June, 4-7th

OFF THE WALL 2, Normandy

As part of the Atlantikwall Europe program, La Fabrique de patrimoines en Normandie organizes an youth exchange in Normandy during the 75th anniversary of the D-Day. In November 2018, around fifty young French went to Ostende (Belgium) to participate to the first part of this event (Off the Wall) and work on the themes of the frontiers and the walls thanks to drama workshops and visits of memorial sites. In June 2019, for the second part of the exchange, four school groups coming from Belgium and the Netherlands will come to Normandy.

June 1st

European Bunker Day Jersey

As part of European Bunker Day on 01 June 2019 the Jersey and Guernsey will being opening various bunkers around the islands of Jersey and Guernsey.

June 1st

European Bunker Day Guernsey and Alderney

On Guernsey during European Bunker Day Batterie Scharnhorst can be visited. On Alderney Bunker Day has been chosen fo the Grand Opening of the PaK bunker.

June 9th, 2019

European Bunker Day Belgium

Sunday June 9th you can visit visit otherwise inaccessible bunkers in the Blankenberge, Oostende, Koksijde, De Panne, Damme and Middelkerke areas. This is a unique opportunity to learn more about this impressive heritage, whose parts are often located in important natural reserves. 

June 6th, 2019

European Bunkerday Denmark

The program of European Bunkerday Denmark has been announced, which will take place on the evening of June 5th and during 75 year D-Day on June 6th.